A Quick Update in the War on Men

The author of that awful “War on Men” piece from Fox News a few weeks back decided to run another article yesterday, explaining how we women should “surrender to our femininity.” Overall, it’s all pretty much drivel and sort of treats men as delicate toddlers who need their egos protected by women pretending to be less good at things.

The best thing to come out of it so far was the discussion on it over in the comments section at Jezebel and this amazing gem from commenter Mrs. Beeton:

The shots are fired! The War’s begun!
It’s Women versus men
And poor dear lowly man shall not
Reign o’er Us again

Slash your husbands! Dash your sons!
Set fire to father’s bed
For Woman will not stop until
All men are good and dead

JK, it’s all hyperbole
Just jokes meant to amuse
But this is how you really think
If you listen to Fox News


Just wanted to share that awesome poem with the class!


The Hawkeye Initiative

The most amazing tumblr popped up in my facebook newsfeed this week.

It calls attention to how absurd the “Strong Female Character Pose” in comic books is by replacing the female character with Hawkeye in the same pose. Many female characters in comics are routinely drawn in physically impossible positions, with seemingly broken spines, in order for their breasts and butts to appear prominently. The tumblr Escher Girls has been around for a while and routinely calls attention to insane poses in a funny way, with some users even attempting to recreate the poses.


Sorry (not sorry) for all the hyperlinks, there are way too many amazing examples on this site.

I think this is a very interesting way for fans to interact with the material, and express their overall dissatisfaction with the way most female characters are represented in the media they enjoy. What do you guys think? Effective way to try to make meaningful change or just funny?

“The war on men”


A friend posted this piece today on facebook (not in agreement with it in any way, thank god).

The author seems to argue for a general retreat to “traditional” gender roles. She says “Men want to love women, not compete with them. They want to provide for and protect their families – it’s in their DNA. But modern women won’t let them.”

There are so many things about this piece that make me want to 

The use of pseudo-science to guilt women about starting to be successful human beings just infuriates me.

Racist Teen Tweets Called Out


So on election night, a large amount of racist tweets popped up as people realized President Obama was headed towards a second term. Jezebel posted a collection of some of the worse ones the next day (http://jezebel.com/5958490/twitter-racists-react-to-that-nigger-getting-reelected/gallery/1).

They then proceeded to look into those posted by teenagers who used their actual names as their twitter handles and their school’s policies on student conduct, and contact the schools of the kids. They write about the results of each, and some of the students have since deleted their twitter accounts.

Personally, I think this is kind of great. Obviously, these kids were not seeing this kind of behavior discouraged at home, so it’s kind of good that they might face some real consequences to their actions and learn before they head off into the real world that expressing their horrible opinions in a public forum under their own names has consequences.

The only argument I saw against this in the Jezebel comments was about free speech. This is where I disagree. Free speech doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want without consequences. It means you can say what you want, but other people can say you’re a terrible human for saying that. Or they can say, “I don’t want to hire someone who harbors these racist opinions and worldviews.” I’m tired of people thinking they can say whatever they want to whoever they want without any backlash or consequences because of their misguided interpretation of free speech.

What do you guys think? Good action on Jezebel’s part, or intrusive and wrong?

Final Project: Women in Politics

This election cycle, I’ve had a big chance to see how women are represented in political races (as in when they’re the candidates) and how they represent themselves. I looked at almost every candidate on the Texas ballot, my home state, and I think it’d be interesting to do a comparison between Texas and a less conservative state to see if any major differences occur in how female candidates present themselves via their webpages and debates, and how they are presented in ads (by their party and the opposition party). 

From what I’ve seen so far in the Texan candidates for various offices, the female candidates tend to emphasize their roles as wives and mothers heavily on their official pages, whereas the male candidates mention their family, but don’t talk about how “fatherhood is the most important part of their life” or things like that.

Overall, it would be interesting to explore the idea that we accept women more in public office now, but only if they assure us they still adhere to many of the traditional gender roles we expect of them.




I recently came across these two sites sort of chronicling (in a humorous way) horrible advances they receive from people on OkCupid, or advances from people who write horrendous things in their profiles, like answering “yes” to “do you believe there is a statistical correlation between race and intelligence?”

I find it odd how much people are willing to put out there on a site where you’re supposed to get people to like you and want to maybe meet you in real life. You’d think they’d suppress the extremes for a bit to cast a wider net.

Aside from this, I like OkCupid, they do cool blogs with data they collect from profiles, showing trends and stuff along with humor.