I recently came across these two sites sort of chronicling (in a humorous way) horrible advances they receive from people on OkCupid, or advances from people who write horrendous things in their profiles, like answering “yes” to “do you believe there is a statistical correlation between race and intelligence?”

I find it odd how much people are willing to put out there on a site where you’re supposed to get people to like you and want to maybe meet you in real life. You’d think they’d suppress the extremes for a bit to cast a wider net.

Aside from this, I like OkCupid, they do cool blogs with data they collect from profiles, showing trends and stuff along with humor.



2 thoughts on “OkCupid

  1. I know that some people are simply asses, but try to hide it in real life. Therefore it is not surprising to me that they would say these kinds of things when they have the security of being anonymous on the internet. Also, they probably use opportunities like these to try to find other people who have similar opinions such that they have someone to talk to in their small hateful world..

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