The Hawkeye Initiative

The most amazing tumblr popped up in my facebook newsfeed this week.

It calls attention to how absurd the “Strong Female Character Pose” in comic books is by replacing the female character with Hawkeye in the same pose. Many female characters in comics are routinely drawn in physically impossible positions, with seemingly broken spines, in order for their breasts and butts to appear prominently. The tumblr Escher Girls has been around for a while and routinely calls attention to insane poses in a funny way, with some users even attempting to recreate the poses.


Sorry (not sorry) for all the hyperlinks, there are way too many amazing examples on this site.

I think this is a very interesting way for fans to interact with the material, and express their overall dissatisfaction with the way most female characters are represented in the media they enjoy. What do you guys think? Effective way to try to make meaningful change or just funny?


3 thoughts on “The Hawkeye Initiative

  1. This is absolutely amazing. I laughed way too hard.

    I’ve definitely noticed the impossible poses and skimpy outfits in both comics and video game covers featuring female characters. I agree that this is a great way to express dissatisfaction with the subject.

    Also, thank you for making my night.

  2. i like this! i think recreating something is sometimes even more powerful than using words to reflect. Visual images are very powerful so its also interesting to fight back with images.

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