A Quick Update in the War on Men

The author of that awful “War on Men” piece from Fox News a few weeks back decided to run another article yesterday, explaining how we women should “surrender to our femininity.” Overall, it’s all pretty much drivel and sort of treats men as delicate toddlers who need their egos protected by women pretending to be less good at things.

The best thing to come out of it so far was the discussion on it over in the comments section at Jezebel and this amazing gem from commenter Mrs. Beeton:

The shots are fired! The War’s begun!
It’s Women versus men
And poor dear lowly man shall not
Reign o’er Us again

Slash your husbands! Dash your sons!
Set fire to father’s bed
For Woman will not stop until
All men are good and dead

JK, it’s all hyperbole
Just jokes meant to amuse
But this is how you really think
If you listen to Fox News


Just wanted to share that awesome poem with the class!


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