A Quick Update in the War on Men

The author of that awful “War on Men” piece from Fox News a few weeks back decided to run another article yesterday, explaining how we women should “surrender to our femininity.” Overall, it’s all pretty much drivel and sort of treats men as delicate toddlers who need their egos protected by women pretending to be […]

The Hawkeye Initiative

The most amazing tumblr popped up in my facebook newsfeed this week. It calls attention to how absurd the “Strong Female Character Pose” in comic books is by replacing the female character with Hawkeye in the same pose. Many female characters in comics are routinely drawn in physically impossible positions, with seemingly broken spines, in […]

Racist Teen Tweets Called Out

http://jezebel.com/5958993/racist-teens-forced-to-answer-for-tweets-about-the-nigger-president So on election night, a large amount of racist tweets popped up as people realized President Obama was headed towards a second term. Jezebel posted a collection of some of the worse ones the next day (http://jezebel.com/5958490/twitter-racists-react-to-that-nigger-getting-reelected/gallery/1). They then proceeded to look into those posted by teenagers who used their actual names as their […]

Final Project: Women in Politics

This election cycle, I’ve had a big chance to see how women are represented in political races (as in when they’re the candidates) and how they represent themselves. I looked at almost every candidate on the Texas ballot, my home state, and I think it’d be interesting to do a comparison between Texas and a […]